Sheet metal cold moulding

Stampaggi Castelfidardo

Stampaggi Castelfidardo specialises in sheet metal working. In addition to punching and cutting moulds, we perform laser cutting, punching, welding and sheet assembly.

Mould design and production

Bellucci Stampi

Bellucci Stampi has been operating since 1978 in the design and construction of sheet shearing and deep drawing dies and produces multi-component moulds. Mould design takes place internally using latest-generation 3D software.

From idea to finished product

Our strength

We offer our customers a turnkey service, from designing to semi-finished or finished product. We are equipped with 3D software that provides shape to customer ideas. We perform every step of the process, from the design of the mould to its construction, up to the manufacturing of the finished product.

Feasibility analysis

Mould design with latest-generation 3D software

Mould construction


Cold working of sheet metal

Product assembly


The deep know-how in cold deformation of sheet metal combined with the latest-generation technological tools and equipment, and continuous commitment to research and development of new processing systems, allow us to offer our customers a complete and high-quality service.

Production sectors

We can produce semi-finished products for various sectors of industrial production and craftsmanship: from automotive and motorcycle to household appliances and heating, from the agricultural sector to the electromechanical sector, up to kitchen hoods, leather goods, jewellery.