Quality policy

Stampaggi Castelfidardo Srl has a Quality Policy set out in two distinct documents (Quality Policy and Schedule of Objectives), which are mutually complementary allowing our Quality Policy to be dynamic and easily adaptable to the constantly evolving reality of our Company, thus ensuring that the quality management system achieves the expected results and actively involves, leads and supports our people to that everyone can contribute to the effectiveness of the quality management system. This document highlights the commitments and principles on which our Policy is based. The other document (Program of annual objectives) describes in detail the objectives that Stampaggi Castelfidardo Srl identifies from year to year in terms of economic growth and technical updating.

Stampaggi Castelfidardo Srl Directors aim to maintain an efficient Quality Management System compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001 Standard as a priority objective, thus promoting the use of the process approach and risk-based thinking that can ensure a continuous compliance of the product/service to the requirements of our customers, to the applicable legislation and reference Standards, taking responsibility for the effectiveness of the quality management system, and ensuring that the our policy and objectives reflect the plans and the strategic guidelines of the Company. The main objective of our Quality Policy is to maintain and further boost our position on the market where we operate, ensuring the integration of the requirements of the quality management system and the business processes of the Company, clearly identifying the expectations and needs of our customers so that they can be met by our company, proposing customers the best price/quality ratio for our products/services, so providing services that can fully meet our customers’ expectations, with a view to continuous improvement and excellence. The main objective of the Stampaggi Castelfidardo Srl Quality Policy is the commitment to create, develop and disseminate a culture of quality at all levels of our Company. This implies that the Directors are committed to provide the necessary human and technological resources and boost the involvement of all our people in improving the quality of the product/service offered. Being a crucial point a high degree of involvement of all HR of Stampaggi Castelfidardo Srl in the improvement of the product/service quality, a preferred instrument we use both in-house and with the public in general is disseminating knowledge and communication. This is fundamentally aimed at letting all our people understand the key concepts of the Quality Policy boosting a growing awareness of Process Managers and their collaborators thanks to specific and systematic training/refresher courses on quality issues, so providing support to other relevant managers to prove their leadership to be applied to their respective functions. Stampaggi Castelfidardo Srl Directors also ensure the key objective of keeping the Company Quality Management System perfectly efficient by boosting improvement and periodically checking the correct implementation of the rules of the Management Procedures, Work Guidelines, Process Flows and Quality Policy in all the company perimeter through in-house audits and specific reviews. Again, the achievement of the objectives of effectiveness and efficiency of the processes is a key issue, and we are committed to continuously keep implement it by monitoring and systematically checking quality data and company performance.

Certificato ISO9001.2015 Certificato IQNET ISO 9001.2015